• facade redevelopment. pescara

facade redevelopment. pescara

The building is located in the central area of Pescara city, just a few steps away from the shoreline.
The client requires a new concept for the facade of his under construction house. The original project had a very “traditional” style with small roofs and tiles. The requires of the client was to give a more contemporary look at the building.

The concept for new facade has started from a grid that define and generate frames, this gives a new order to the facades.
There will be new vertical elements that will define a sequence on the facade, eventually those element will became the support for the brisoleil that cover the last floor.
With the new facades the use of the outside spaces is improving, generating new balconies with gardens.

Date: 2013 Client: Private Client Team: Nicola Petaccia Architect Skills: Architecture, Restoration