• Beirut Waterfront Park
  • Beirut Waterfront Park
  • Beirut Waterfront Park
  • Beirut Waterfront Park

Beirut Waterfront Park

The new water park in front of Beirut wants to be a park in the truest sense of the word, a park that knows how to moderate
between the interior and exterior, between the built and the unbuilt, between the noise and silence, between earth and sky,
between nature and culture.
This was the starting point that led the whole creative process up to the Final drawing.
Wanting to meet the challenge of rehabilitation and re-conquering the land from the sea, the park plan cannot fail to consider two
the third dimension, namely the vertical, the emergence of horizontal soil from the sea;
the beautiful Lebanese landscape that provides inspiration for the park which is consciously moving away from purely ornamental
First the rock that forms a Mount Lebanon but also its coast without equal, then, the look expands out to the water which belongs
to the city and the roughness of the soil covered in varied vegetation types.
All this wrapped in a frame articulated at three levels:
– a promenade capable of capturing the needs of the built sorroundings
– pools of water-like shards of a diamond to remind us , albeit symbolically, the coolness of the sea
– a Rocaille inspired by the shoreline erosion and full of suggestions
The heart of the park consists of a series of themed gardens, which in turn differ in height, function and morphology. We intend
to propose a park as far away as possible from the stereotypes of the over-constructed parks . We think that Beirut needs a
park that knows how to grow with the city itself, with its traditions, rhythm, time and its people.
In this regard it is strongly anchored in the tradition of those who can cultivate the land with wisdom and patience.
On the other hand a park a child of his times obliged to sustainability, fully functioning day and night throughout the year.
The energy tower on the main axis of the site and in the open sea becomes a symbol of this zero energy park that takes
all its energy from the nature of which it is pure expression.
Hence the name: “Beyroots Garden”, “Beyond the Roots” and the tradition that is particularly dear to us.

Andreas Kipar, LAND Srl

Date: 2011 Client: LAND S.r.l. Milan Team: Nicola Petaccia with LAND Srl. Milano Skills: Competition, Landscape Website: www.landsrl.com/