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So, let’s talk about Stroopwafel… it’s been one year since I first discovered them, during the time when my adventure in the Netherlands had just started. It was during one of my very first days at the office in Amsterdam when I first tasted them… before that day I never heard about these cookies!
What can I say they are perfect: two crispy waffles with caramel in the middle.
What nice surprise: I finally found them here in Italy! It’s so funny to find a Dutch product in a Danish shop in Italy!
What I can suggest is to try not to become addicted. Just relax, take a cup of hot milk and enjoy.

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Calgionetti Abruzzesi with my Mom.

This holidays I have been following my mom while she was making the typical Christmas Foods. As every year she started with some days in advance to make the typical Christmas cookies. Yesterday she was making the Caggiunitt’, also known as Calgionetti. They are a typical cookies in Abruzzo region, traditionally made during Christmas time.
Calgionetti are basically a stuffed pastry in the shape of ravioli (square) or tortelli (half circle) filled with hazelnuts, chocolate, cinnamon, cooked Must (grape juice) and orange peel.
The cookies are often fried but, as my mom do, they can also be baked for the more health-conscious.
The pastry dough what my mom make is a Shortcrust pastry made from water, flour, butter, yeast, sugar and cinnamon to the filling.
The only think is just that, when they are pulled out of the oven the smell of cinnamon and Must expands to the whole house: Suddenly is Christmas and… they are truly tasty!

Pistachios Nougat


It is almost Christmas time and also in Milan it is the time of the “Oh Bej! Oh Bej!”  that is a traditional fair. It is held from 7 December (day of the patron of Milan Saint Ambrose) until the following Sunday.

I have been walking through this colorful and picturesque market and with a lot of pleasure I found out an interesting Pistachio Nougat.

Maybe it is nothing new, nothing special but those who know me, knows that I like pistachios (especially in ice cream) and moreover I love green things… so how could I resit to this green “Torrone ai pistacchi” pistachios nougat!?

So I couldn’t resist and I bought this very traditional food of Christmas season in Italy and I enjoyed it!


*Nougat is a variety of similar traditional confectioneries made with sugar and/or honey, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and recently macadamia nuts are common), whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit. The consistency of nougat can range from soft and chewy to hard and crunchy depending on its composition, and it is used in a variety of candy bars and chocolates. The word nougat comes from Occitan pan nogat, from nux gatum, which means nutbread. [Mention Wikipedia*]

Panino con la Porchetta


Today I went to the market and it has end pretty well. After some years I have been living in Milan I finally found one of my favorite food: La Porchetta.
Despite I had different plan for my lunch I couldn’t resist ad I bought it!
Every time I go back in my hometown that is one of the first food I always ask to my mom! This roasted meat is originated in central Italy and it so also really tipical in my Region, the Abruzzi.
The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, fat, and skin, then rolled, spitted, and roasted, traditionally over wood. Porchetta is usually heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlic, rosemary, fennel, or other herbs, often wild.
If u can wait, after hours of cooking you can buy and relish a really tasty meat and made a nice sandwich as I did.